As we have promised to make this community better and improve it regularly, we push a new update almost everyday, updates that include bug fixes, error fixes, feature updates, security updates, optimisations and improvements to our servers and forums. We are also doing our best to make this community popular and active.

Most of you have probably noticed that our community forums and servers have been turning on and off, this is because we have moved from our old dedicated server machine into a new one into a completely different datacentre; it is the same host provider. This server's specification is a bit better than the old one, but is cheaper. So more money to save for boosting and improvement!

It took us a while to get our servers back, why? We have been configuring our control panel to automatically install basic server features that we are supposedly having on all of our servers.

These features include:
  • Reverse-engineered HLDS (Currently latest version released)
  • Reverse-engineered GameDLL CS (Currently latest version released)
  • AMX Mod X 1.8.3 (Currently latest snapshot released)
  • Other metamod modules associated with ReHLDS
Okay! Enough paragraphs, let's go with brief points about the updates.

Dedicated Server:
  • We rented a new dedicated server also located in Germany
  • Updated security of the dedicated server (Anti-ddos protection, spam protection, ban for those who attempt breach our security)
  • Updated the server to run SWRAID 1, our dedicated server currently have 2 HDD drives, one is a mirror of the main HDD
  • SSL certification has been added to all of our websites
  • Mail server has been optimised and correctly installed, thanks to @flyer63
Server Updates:
  • Base Builder server which currently running a modified version of Base Builder 6.5 by Tirant
  • Dust2 Only server as requested by many players to replace the Classic server we had
  • Gun Game server to replace Deathmatch server
  • Jailbreak server has been released, and it is currently running a custom Jailbreak plugin entirely coded by me
  • Surf server
  • Zombie Plague server which currently running an intensively modified version of Zombie Plague 5.0.8a by ZP Dev Team
  • Unnecessary plugins have been removed
  • All current plugins are compiled and successfully supported with the latest AMX Mod X 1.8.3 snapshot released
  • All databases of VIP and player ammo packs have been restored
AMX Bans:
  • Confirmed that it actually bans non-steam players
  • Confirmed that it actually adds non-steam Administrators to the list
  • Added a new style based on the community forum's theme, thanks to @rain
  • Rony has been officially promoted to Global Manager
  • Rain has been officially promoted to Global Manager

ATTENTION! If this community does not work as intended despite all these updates and perfect build and configuration to the dedicated server, game servers, voice servers and websites. I will sadly announce the closure of the community! So let's make Genjero Community the best in Europe and even Worldwide!

You can help us keep the community alive and make it more popular, as well as to give us the will and chance to make more improvements by donating to us on the donation sidebar, and your donated hard-earned funds will be listed on the Donation Page. I will post a more detailed thread about boosting and donation in Donations & Server Boosting forum soon!

Kind Regards,
High Staff Committee (@Taurus, @rain, @rony)
GitHub: TaurusMD
Steam: Taurus
Thank's @Taurus You are the king <3 Just we are waiting u to made your baby ready <3
My Best Regards
@Taurus Trump , Make Genjero Great Again
Lovely updates , i like it Cheesy
We should somehow enable hashtag stuff on the forum for this #make_genjero_great_again Tongue
GitHub: TaurusMD
Steam: Taurus

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