Greetings, everyone.

As some of you might know, the community of Ganjero has been undergoing various vast changes, which leads us to the following topic.

We are overwhelmed to officially announce our partnership with the community Surf Gateway, opening up new tremendous prospects for both of the communities' members, allowing them to have a greater gaming experience in all of our well-built servers.

Furthermore, any player in any server of the Ganjero community can navigate to any of the Surf Gateway servers by simply typing in the command "/partner", which will reveal the list of servers, thus, give him the choice to wander between them. Same goes to Surf Gateway, their servers will contain the same system as explained previously, giving their members the choice to visit ours.

We believe in the magnificent potential this massive move holds for both of the communities and their members, so we do hope for everyone to get along.

Founder of Surf Gateway : @Kushfield.

Kind Regards,
High Staff Committee (@Taurus, @rain, @rony ).
That's gonna be fun Azn
GitHub: TaurusMD
Steam: Taurus

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