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Genjero Forum Update

Greetings, everyone.

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So, as the majority of you might know, Genjero has been through a lot of changes concerning forum softwares and designs, and throughout all of these changes we acquired enough experience to introduce the final and arguably the best update regarding our forum, which is merely a theme update.

Essentially, we created this new theme for two reasons; firstly: to put a stop to the usage of free designs, which have caused multiple issues to staff members in the past by containing unbearable bugs, secondly: to grant our community the opportunity to possess the aspect of authenticity.

A slight preface about this theme; it has been implemented to serve all kinds of devices, such as any Smartphone, tablet or laptop, by containing various responsive mechanisms.

NOTE: This is only the beginning of a major sequence of updates as regards to our website. The main page of Ganjero and ban-list are currently being redesigned as well.

Forum & Thread Status

We realized that it is sort of amateurish to use the community's logo as an icon for forum/thread status, so ultimately we have decided to replace it with SVG icons.

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As regards to threads, they will hold the same icons but with a small point on the top right to be easily differentiated.

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Theme Features
  • Clean, simple and understandable design.
  • Contains header image background.
  • Contains multiple fully responsive mechanisms.
  • Contains 3 theme colors that can be changed according to the user's liking. (There are two available colors currently, third one to be released very soon).
  • Contains SVG icons.
  • Contains boxed layout.
  • Contains a "Scroll to Top" button.
If you have a suggestion or happen to come across a bug, please do report it immediately, your suggestions and complaints will be taken in consideration.

Kind Regards,
High Staff Committee (@Taurus, @rain, @rony ).

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 Steam: RaiN`#
Nicely done theme, nicely introduced!

Thank you for your hard work Azn
GitHub: TaurusMD
Steam: Taurus
Great job, Rain.
Good Job, wonderful
Amazing <3 keep it up Cheesy

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