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xStormz~ - Zombie Plague
Full name: Abdullah Daana

Current country: Jordan

Age: 16?

Nickname in-game: xStormz~

Average FPS: 200-250

Video renderer: OpenGL

Server: Zombie Plague

Authentication ID: STEAM_0:1:156284533

How good is your English speaking?: Good

How good is your AMX skills?: Advanced

Why do you think you should become an Administrator?: Because I want to help the admins in the server and if there was no admins in the server i can go and help the players to play and ask me to do whatever they need to make them happy and love the server more and I like to help the community to get more members by advertising the site in the server and make players register in the forums and make the server fun and have a good conditions to the players that plays in the server

Are you an Administrator somewhere else?: No

u ripped off my skull last night and super entertaining <3

gl brotha, full support
u was an admin here before, so ur so good
Full Support,
Hello Dear Applicant, This is an automatically generated message by the Game Server Manager, Global Manager or Original Creator who took decision on your Administration Application. We would like to inform you that your Administration Application on the selected server has been reviewed by the Genjero Community high staff team, and we have decided to accept it. Contact the Game Server Manager to add your administration access on the server, be active on the forum. Congratulation, a hard work awaits you.

Administration Application Accepted
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