Updates Patch Notes - 5.0.8
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Biohazard icon and game mode name reworked
  • Updated colour change method per game mode to store colours in dynamic arrays
  • Updated colour system to load/save colours in game modes configuration files automatically
  • Decreased DHUD fade in/fade out time to 0.09 seconds, it appears and disappears more smoothly now
VIP feature updates and bug fixes
  • Fixed bug with armour being given to humans again on force cure e.g. human became survivor or sniper
  • Fixed bug with health being given to zombies again on force infection e.g. zombie became nemesis
  • Updated VIP plugins to fully support AMX Mod X 1.8.3
Deathmatch respawn system has been updated
  • Updated respawn checks so it supports force respawn
  • Updated respawn function so it supports force respawn
  • Updated respawn natives to support the new force respawn system
  • Fixed bug with respawn checks not allowing player to respawn before game mode starts
Game main menu and admin menu has been improved
  • Unstuck feature in the main menu now moves players to a nearby free location instead of random spawn
  • Added 'respawn everyone' feature in the admin menu to forcibly respawn all players

[Image: blue_logo.png]

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