Forum suggestions
Hello!, these are my suggestions to make the forum better.

  1. Change to softer main colors that doesnt burn your eyes. (thead etc)
  2. Make a full background instead of only header, doesnt make forum feel so dark and empty, it makes it feel more alive.
  3. Change the padding of the shoutbox to make it align better with the sidebar elements.
  4. Change the background (header) to a more professional and not gaming-kid background.
  5. Remove extra "color themes" and make a real color changer instead, using code from (majestic theme).
  6. Remove the shit below the logo that says your location in the forum, people are not lost, or relocate it so its not interferring with the header.
  7. Remake the logo. (I can maybe help)
  8. Add amxbans within the forum using iframe maybe.
  9. Just decrease the padding to 1-2px everywhere, this useless space between elements looks stupid.
  10. Reorginize the sidebar, the last posts/threads should be at the top, and u should advertise somewhere else, like using a icons in bottom-right of header.
waiting mybb 1.9 to redsign the whole forum
Steam: RaiN`#
(11-05-2018, 05:02 AM)rain Wrote: waiting mybb 1.9 to redsign the whole forum


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