Zombie Lasermine (Season 3) (Updated)
Welcome to Season 3.
More updates is coming later.

  • Changed the volume and radius of many emitted sounds. (Example when you plant lasermine sound)
  • *If you feel like any sound is too loud, or reaches too far, please add a suggestion for changing it.
  • Reconfigured zombie class settings.
  • Optimized all plugins.
  • Updated amxmodx to 1.9.0.
  • Updated weather settings.
  • Now you can pick-up your own dropped dosh (ammopacks).
  • Reduced ammopack damage from 500 > 400. (You need to do 400 dmg to get 1 ammopack)
  • Lilith teleport can be disabled by damaging her.
  • Updated pain sounds for human.
  • Forced increased draw distance in engine, now you can see further on the map.
  • Removed demon, demon vs heroine mode.
New things
  • High-Ping kicker.
  • Auto-Demo Recorder.
  • Supplybox each round.
  • Day/Night system.
  • Vote mode every 6 rounds.
  • New human items: MP5 Gold VIP, Ethereal, Medkit (Small), Medkit (Large).
  • New zombie items: Reflector (Relfect X% damage back).
  • Gamemode, Lasermines Disabled.
  • Walkguard, now you can't spawn lasermines at impossible places.
  • Plugin protector, to protect the gamemode from being stolen.
  • New zombie class ability for furious, Hack 'n' Slash (Rapid attack).
  • New zombie class: Tesla (Shoot energy balls).
  • New zombie class: Heavy (Place traps, chance to blind humans when damaged)

Heroine, a random human player will become her each round.
  • Has ethereal weapon.
  • 250 Health.
  • Can leap like zombies every 20 seconds.
  • Cannot pickup supplyboxes.
  • Cannot buy some items, like weapons.
  • Cannot become infected, need to be killed first.
Demon, a random zombie player will get him each round.
  • 10000 Health.
  • Has a chance to blind player when attacked.
  • x2.0 damage.
Some Screens

[Image: 4094120BE16FFA5FE948EBDDB85FCF5DE48C8BCC]
[Image: 2348179351A49375FD51EF59841A9DA5201D8E8D]
[Image: 350AF1EDF59BFAF6F33E7B5C35B26A6A69360947]
Sounds dope! Test available?
(12-21-2018, 06:58 PM)Outlaw Monkie Wrote: Sounds dope! Test available?

seems cool, good job
Steam: RaiN`#
awesome, good job
Thx, should be online soon for test.
Incredible !
[Image: giphy.webp]

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